} Kalijiri Kalajiri, Centratherum Anthelminticum, Wild Somraj ,Kadwi Jir

Kalijiri Kalajiri, Centratherum Anthelminticum, Wild Somraj ,Kadwi Jiri Seeds

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Common Name: Vanyajiraka, Aranyajirakah, Kaalijiri,

  • Sanskrit: Somaraja, Atavi jeeraka
  • Hindi: Kalijeeri, Bakchi, Somraj, Soharaai, Bakchi, Bakshi
  • Tamil: Kaattu seeragam, Kaattu jeerakam
  • Bengali: Somaraaj
  • Gujarati: Kaaleejeeree, Kadavijeeree, Kadvo-jiri
  • Punjabi: Bukoki, Kakshama, Kala-zira, Kali-ziri, Malwa-bakchi, Malwabakshi
  • Kannada: Kadu-jirigay, Kaadujeerage, Kaarijirige, Kadu-jirage
  • Malayalam: Kaattu jeerakam , Krimishatru, Kattujirakam
  • Marathi: Kali Jiri
  • Telugu: Adavi Jilkara, Adavijilakaroa, Garetikamma

Centratherum Anthelminticum,- Organic Non Gmo Untreated
In the Himalayas and often cultivated in villages.
Aromatic fragrant herb that up to an altitude of 2,000 meters grows wild in the Himalayan foothills, and is used for centuries as a soothing agent in skin cosmetics and skin diseases such as psoriasis. Mainly the abundantly produced, large seeds are used, the tire according to the small purple flowers. Other effects: Draining, toning, antibiotic, anti-parasite and vermin. Has recently been used for the treatment of vitiligo.
Sow from March to June in shells, or in May in open land. Plants in poor soil are not big but are aromatic.
Bitter cumin is used extensively in traditional medicine to treat a range of diseases from vitiligo to hyperglycemia. It is considered to be antiparasitic and antimicrobial and science has backed up claims of its use to reduce fever or as a painkiller. New research shows that this humble spice also contains high levels of antioxidants.
Kali Jeeri (also spelled as Kalijiri & Kaali Jeeri) is seed of plant Centratherum Anthelminticum. It is popular in combination with Ajwain and Methi for reducing weight and improving digestive health. It is used for the treatment of the skin diseases in which it helps to reduce itching and skin irritation. It is believed to be the blood purifier (correctly detoxifier) because it removes the toxins from the blood and increases their elimination. Kali Jeeri is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine for roundworm, tapeworm and thread worm, which can also be present in the gut. It also increases appetite, but its bitter taste may provoke nausea in some bitter taste sensitive people.

Kali Jeeri also promotes hair growth. It helps to control the blood glucose level. It is also beneficial for people with postprandial hyperglycemia (rise in blood glucose level following a meal).

Note: Kali Jeeri is also known as Kala Jeera. Kali Jeeri (Kalijiri or Centratherum Anthelminticum) is often confused with black caraway seed or black cumin seeds (Kala Jeera). According to Ayurveda texts, Kala Jeera is also called Krishna Jeerak, which belongs to seeds of carum bulbocastanum plant.

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Verena Jane Liju
Awesome service

I ordered Centratherum Anthelminticum 1oz on 21st august 2020 to use for medicinal purpose. After ordering, i seen reviews and was terrified cos i wanted this urgently. But i decided to take a chance cos it wasn't a huge spent. I sent an email to customer care that i want it on urgent basis to use as medicine and they were prompt in replying. It was dispatched next day and i got it today morning 30th Aug 2020. I'm super happy with their service.