} Late Horse Gentian - Seeds (Triosteum perfoliatum) Aka Wild Coffee, Fe

Late Horse Gentian - Seeds (Triosteum perfoliatum) Aka Wild Coffee, Feverwort,

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Wild Coffee - (Triosteum perfoliatum)
Late Horse Gentian has a very small yet attractive red summer flower but is best known for its beautiful fall orange fruit. Another common name is Feverwort.
Small bronze flowers are followed by bright orange berries in clusters up and down stems covered with bright-green foliage.
The berries of the Wild Coffee last from summer, through frosts, into winter, bringing cheer, color, birds and wildlife into winter gardens. The seeds were roasted and used as a coffee substitute, and this plant was included in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia in the 1800s.
Materials: Ornamental Grass,grass seeds,Showy Flowers,Showy Foliage,Showy Seed Heads,Flower Seeds,Ornamental,Eastern Gamma Grass,Gamma Grass,seeds,Fast growing

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