} Mexican Sour Gherkin - Cucumber SEEDS, ANNUAL VEGETABLE

Mexican Sour Gherkin - Cucumber SEEDS, ANNUAL VEGETABLE

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  • Cucumber,Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumber Seeds (Melothria scabra) small cucumbers that look like miniature watermelons.
  • A unique specialty cucumber. - Packet: 30 seeds.

    Cute, 1" long fruits look like miniature watermelons and taste like cucumbers with citrus and tangy overtones. Vines start growing slowly but can get up to 10' long. Can be eaten fresh or pickled. Fruits can be sold in half-pint or clamshell containers at markets that appreciate novelty. Also known as the Cucamelon and mouse melon. Not particularly high yielding. Trellising recommended. NOTE: We recommend harvesting these cucumbers promptly as they tend to get seedy if allowed to grow longer than 1". Avg.  
  •  very exciting vegetable to have in your garden! 
    50 days. Cucumis anguria. Plant produces heavy yields of 2" long small cucumbers that look like miniature watermelons. They have the sweet cucumber flavor, followed by a surprising sourness, which leads you to believe they are already pickled! Perfect for making tiny sweet pickles! They fall off the vines when ripe. Should use trellises when growing this variety.Looking like lilliputian watermelons with their distinctive dark and light green "rinds,” they make up in character what they lack in size. 
  • Scientific nameMelothria scabra
  • Higher classificationMelothria
  • RankSpecies
  • Compared to everything from mini-melons to cucumbers to fava beans, the Mexican sour gherkin (Melothria scabra) is a small heirloom vegetable that lends itself to salads, stir fries and pickle crocks.
    Grow the small gems as you would cucumbers -- with a support for the vigorous vines as well as full sun and fertile soil. Seeds may be either started indoors or directly in the garden when the soil is warm enough. 
    Product Details 
    Zones: 3-9 
    Planting Depth: 1/2" inch
    Spacing: Plant 12" inches apart
    Sun/Shade: Full Sun 
    Germination: 3-10 days 
    Type: Vine
    Skin color: Looks like a mini-watermelon
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Amery Snyder
Can't get enough!!

We have been ordering these seeds for years now from your shop!! We always have great success growing them as seedlings and then have great fruitful crops every year. These are a perfect snack in the summer. We have had success growing them both in containers and in the garden. I highly recommend this plant to anyone. We are located in Northeast PA an no issues with our weather growing them. They do prefer the hotter summer months.