} MINIATURE BLUE POPCORN, Heirloom- Untreated


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A very attractive mini size popcorn that is blue in color. Ears are 4-6" long. Excellent popcorn

MINIATURE BLUE POPCORN SEED - Heirloom- Untreated.(7000 seeds/lb.)
Miniature Blue Popcorn is a gorgeous medium blue colored ear. The small narrow cobs average 2-4 inches in length. The shiny kernels are medium to deep blue in color. They are NOT purple as in the “Hopi Blue” types. The plant averages 6-7 feet in height with two, three, or four ears per stalk. The seed can be planted in early spring when the soil warms. Plant the seeds 1/2-3/4 inch deep and about 4-5 inches apart. Plant several short rows for better pollination. Crowding the plants of this variety tends to keep the ear size small. Seeds should germinate in 7-10 days. Ears are mature when the husks turn light brown in the fall. The ears should be air dried for several weeks before using. This mini-blue popcorn has a maturity of 100-110 days. It is POPcorn so it can be popped for eating! The small dry ears can be used in dried arrangements, fall decorations, bird feeders, wreaths, and crafts. The colonial blue color of the ears makes them popular for “country decorating”
Planting Instructions for Popcorn Seeds
Heirloom Non GMO Corn is a warm to hot season annual, sensitive to cool soil. Direct seed heirloom corn when soil reaches 65-70°F. Plant seeds 1- 2" deep, 4-6" apart, in rows 20-30" apart, in full sun. Corn is wind pollinated, so plant in blocks of at least 4 rows. Germination should occur in 4 - 10 days in soil 65-85°F. When plants reach 4-5" tall thin to 8-12" apart.