} Oriental lily Flavia (Bulbs) real thriller in the garden .Perennial

Oriental lily Flavia (Bulbs) real thriller in the garden .Perennial

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Orienpet Lilies are the stunning result of crossing Trumpet and Oriental Lilies, and let us just say—they're absolutely delightful! These hybrids offer the best of both worlds, with the vigor, heat tolerance, and bright colors of Trumpet types and all the beauty of Oriental Lilies combined.

Like a glorious hand-painted creation, Flavia boasts golden-yellow blooms with feathered paprika-red markings on each petal. The pleasantly fragrant, upward-facing flowers are energetic but never harsh, gracing gardens around mid to late summer. Plant in the landscape and snip a few for sensational cut arrangements!

Oriental Lily Bulbs should be planted as soon as possible. Ideally in the Spring but can be planted up until the Autumn.
Find a location with full sun or partial shade with well-drained soil. Oriental Lilies can tolerate most soil types, Acidic or Alkaline.
Arrange the Lilies in an odd-number grouping. If planting in the garden, plant the bulbs about 8" apart. Space the groupings at least 3 feet apart. If planting in pots, plant 3 bulbs in a 10-14" 'patio type' pot using good-quality, multi-purpose compost. Plant the bulbs with 4-6" of soil above them.

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