} Purple Lady Iresine Herbstii- flowers seeds

Purple Lady Iresine Herbstii- flowers seeds

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Also called Beefsteak Plant and Chicken Gizzard.The ideal filler for containers of all types, Planting General Garden ,Border Edging, Mass Planting ,anging Baskets. Great House Plant
Iresine (Iresine Herbstii Purple Lady) - This dark purple-leafed accent plant is ideal for mixed containers, as a unique hanging basket or planter variety, and as a ground cover in the landscape.

Like other fleshy shrubs, it's possible to keep them smaller by pinching off tall shoots. In terms of culture, these are "warm house" plants and cannot tolerate lower temperatures or cold, dry air. They are best grown in window boxes or bathrooms, which often have warmth and humidity, or if you have a glasshouse they will thrive there.

If you want to use something different in place of purple leaved sweet potatoes, let me suggest Purple Lady Iresine. It is more elegant because of its smaller refined leaves and dense mat-like growth habit.

This cascading plant's foliage color has been described as dark burgundy or bright cranberry. With excellent resilience in hot weather, Purple Lady Iresine looks tremendous spilling out of containers or when providing a low splash of purple in front of beds and borders. It creates an especially impressive contrast with gold or silver foliage plants.
Iresine Purple Lady makes a low and prostrate, spreading 3 to 4 feet so it fills in nicely and cascades as the branches get longer and heavier. Ideally suited to full sun or shady conditions, Iresine can withstand more sun in humid areas like Florida. Also called Beefsteak Plant and Chicken Gizzard.
You will not be disappointed with this trailing ground cover! Iresine is a low growing annual trailer in shades of bright purple leaves and stems. Plant it in empty areas between flower groups and it quickly forms a dense mat of brilliant color. It even chokes out weeds! The perfect choice for a splash of vivid color in front of flower beds. You may choose to grow it in hanging baskets or containers where it will trail gracefully. Only 6 - 8 inches tall and loves the heat!

This tropical native needs warmth, humidity and plenty of light to thrive. Put it near a window or in a sunroom to maintain its vibrant color. If you set it on your porch or patio for the summer, keep it shaded from hot, direct sunlight.

  1. Sowing Rate: 2 - 3 seeds per plant
  2. Easily grown in moist to wet soils in part shade to full shade.
  3. Temperature: 72 - 76F
  4. Light Required: Yes ,
  5. Depth: Cover the seed lightly
  6. Average Germ Time: 7 - 21 days
  7. Moisture: Keep seeds moist until germination

Iresine should be repotted annually until they reach their mature size, then they can be repotted every other year or propagated to create new stock and discarded. In the tropical landscape, they are often used as bedding plants, so it's a nice effect to grow a small clump of them in a container or to grow them in a mixed container with other tropical plants.

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