} Slenderette Bush Bean Seeds, Stringless annual. Maturity 55 days

Slenderette Bush Bean Seeds, Stringless annual. Maturity 55 days

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53 Days, 5” Pods, Dark Green, White Seed
Extremely high yield of slim small sieved straight pods
Gourmet bean grows on a strong upright medium to large dark green bush widely adapted
Stringless, crunchy, yet tender
They are highly sought after by Chef’s for “local” cuisine
Excellent Haricot Vert bean

When to Plant:

They should be directly seeded in the spring when soil reaches 65-75F (18-24C), and there is no longer a risk for a frost. Bush beans are determinate, meaning they grow to a certain size, about 2’ tall, blossom, turn out a single harvest of beans and then die. If you want a large crop to be ready almost all at once for canning or freezing, sow all of the seeds at the same time. If you want a higher, continuous yield throughout the season, you can have a succession of plantings with increments of 10 days, for example.

How to Plant:

Bush beans are very simple to grow; they do well in most gardens and in most soil types.

Prepare the beds by amending with compost and organic material so that you have loose, well-drained soil. Beans grow best in temperatures between 50-85F, in full sun. Sow your bush beans 1 inch deep and 4-6” apart, with rows 18-24” apart.

 How to Harvest:

Harvest bush beans 50-60 days after sowing when pods are about 3” - 5" long and before you see the outline of the beans inside. A mature bush bean feels smooth, firm and crisp. For use as dried beans, allow beans to dry on the vine for weeks after normal harvesting time. Pull the entire plant out from the soil and shell beans over a large table or tray.

Farmers Tip: If you are growing bush beans for multiple years in a row, rotate your planting area yearly. This will help prevent any soil-borne diseases from killing the beans as seedlings.