} Yellow Zucchini Seeds, Squash Summer

Yellow Zucchini Seeds, Squash Summer

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Squash Summer Yellow Zucchini Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds-
Cucurbita pepo
Light: Full sun
Fruit size: 2 inches by 8 inches
Matures: 48 days
Plant spacing: 48 inches apart
Organic Squash, Summer Squash, Yellow Zucchini easy-to-grow, Heirloom (Open Pollinated) bush summer squash !
This attractive bright yellow-fruited variety has a strong plant frame and tidy habit. It has attractive foliage and produces lots of bright yellow fruit throughout the season. It is ideal for pot and container production or open ground. The large yellow flowers are ideal for use as edible flowers or for stuffing.

Did You Know? Most of a squash's nutrients are found in the skin.


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