} Tulip 'Club Mixture' Bulbs,bunch flowering

Tulip 'Club Mixture' Bulbs,bunch flowering

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  • A delight for children and adults alike, this playful mix invites smiles and happiness into the gardening area. Lovely yellows, pinks, whites and purples blend and stripe throughout this mix for an unforgettable look.
    Tulipa bunch flowering 'Club Mixture'
    » Small Bunch Flowering Tulip bulbs perennialize well in warm climate zones)
    » Tulip bulbs perform best in full sun but will tolerate some shade
    » Tulip bulbs dislike wetness (wet feet) and require well-drained soil
    » Fertilize tulip bulbs when the foliage pushes through the soil in spring. We recommend a general low-nitrogen fertilizer.
    » When planting tulip bulbs, you should always place the pointed end up
    » Tulip bulbs should be planted at a depth of double the height of the bulb
    As soon as possible after receiving the mixed ‘Club’ tulip bulbs, they can be planted in the garden, a flower pot or in a planter. If not they must be kept in a frost-free area. Bulbs planted in a flower pot are not usually frost resistant. Plant the bulbs in a planting hole that is three times as deep as the height of the bulbs. A bulb of 5 cm should be planted in a 15 cm deep hole.
    Planting distance for the mixed 'Club' tulip bulbs is about 10 cm. Loosen the soil well and plant the bulbs point up. Refill the hole and avoid walking over the soil. Plant the ‘Club’ bulbs one by one with a small trowel or with a special bulb planter. For larger groups make a wider hole to accommodate more bulbs. The more flower bulbs planted, the greater effect the flowers will give. Plant the tulips in groups of at least 25 bulbs, or divide about 25 to 50 flower bulbs evenly over the garden border or flower bed.
    Mixed Tulip 'Club' in planters
    Mixed ‘Club' tulip bulbs will thrive in pots or planters. Make sure you use fresh potting compost and put a layer of gravel or hydrograins at the bottom of the pot. Place the bulbs in a hole three times as deep as the height of the bulb. A bulb of 5 cm should be planted in a 15 cm deep hole. The planting distance for the 'Club' mixed bulbs is about 7 cm. For extra color in the pot, plant low growing anemones or forget-me-nots amongst the tulip bulbs. b

Choose a spot that is mostly sunny or has only light shade. Also make sure that the location has fairly good drainage and does not tend to get waterlogged. Follow the rule of thumb when planting tulips and give the bulbs at least 2 times their height of soil above them. Dig a 6-7 inch hole, drop the bulbs with their top into it and cover with soil. Regarding the spacing between tulip bulbs, if planting in beds, leave approx 5-6 inches between each bulb.

If you are planting in pots or containers, you can cluster them a little closer together for the best effect. After planting, water thoroughly so that the soil above the bulbs settles. Now sit back and let nature do the job!
How to take care in spring?
Once you see the first buds popping from the soil just water them a little when there is no rain for a period of 3-5 days. Keep doing this the whole growing season but make sure the soil doesn't get too wet. Most of the time natures' rain is more than enough in spring.
How to take care after blooming?
After flowering pick the green seedpods and cut the stem off as soon as flowering is done but don't cut the foliage until the nutrients they produce have been moved to the bulb and stored there. That moment is there when the leaves are totally yellowish/purple. After you cut the leaves, stop watering so that the bulb can rest. Please note that most tulips are annuals and not perennials. There is a big change they will come back for a year but it all depends on the growing conditions.

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