} Tulipa bunch flowering 'Canada Pride Mix' Bulbs

Tulipa bunch flowering 'Canada Pride Mix' Bulbs

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  • Tulipa bunch flowering 'Canada Pride Mix'
    » Small Bunch Flowering Tulip bulbs perennialize well in warm climate zones
    » We supply top sized tulip bulbs (12+)
    » Tulip bulbs perform best in full sun but will tolerate some shade
    » Tulip bulbs dislike wetness (wet feet) and require well-drained soil
    » Fertilize tulip bulbs when the foliage pushes through the soil in spring. We recommend a general low-nitrogen fertilizer
    » When planting tulip bulbs, you should always place the pointed end up
    » Tulip bulbs should be planted at a depth of double the height of the bulb

    Tulips are the most colorful of all spring flowers. They bloom in as many brilliant colors as a gardener could desire. Their beauty is timeless and they are also one of the easiest flowers to grow. Just plant the bulbs in the fall for flowers the following spring. Tulips come in enough colors, shapes, sizes and bloom times to inspire every gardener’s creativity. Tulips can be grown in flowerbeds and borders, in containers and in cutting gardens. Whether they're planted in groups of 10 or 10,000, tulips always put on an impressive show.
    ENTRYWAYS & BORDERS: Planting tulips in flower beds and borders lets you start enjoying a colorful garden long before most perennials have emerged from their winter sleep. Welcome guests by planting a bed of tulips along your front walk. For mass plantings, you can count on the large flowers of Darwin Hybrid Tulips to always provide a big impact.

    1. Dig a hole 6” deep.
    2. Set the tulip bulb pointy side up in the soil.
    3. Cover the bulb with soil and water only if the soil is very dry.

Choose a spot that is mostly sunny or has only light shade. Also make sure that the location has fairly good drainage and does not tend to get waterlogged. Follow the rule of thumb when planting tulips and give the bulbs at least 2 times their height of soil above them. Dig a 6-7 inch hole, drop the bulbs with their top into it and cover with soil. Regarding the spacing between tulip bulbs, if planting in beds, leave approx 5-6 inches between each bulb.

If you are planting in pots or containers, you can cluster them a little closer together for the best effect. After planting, water thoroughly so that the soil above the bulbs settles. Now sit back and let nature do the job!
How to take care in spring?
Once you see the first buds popping from the soil just water them a little when there is no rain for a period of 3-5 days. Keep doing this the whole growing season but make sure the soil doesn't get too wet. Most of the time natures' rain is more than enough in spring.
How to take care after blooming?
After flowering pick the green seedpods and cut the stem off as soon as flowering is done but don't cut the foliage until the nutrients they produce have been moved to the bulb and stored there. That moment is there when the leaves are totally yellowish/purple. After you cut the leaves, stop watering so that the bulb can rest. Please note that most tulips are annuals and not perennials. There is a big change they will come back for a year but it all depends on the growing conditions.

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Marius Wrona
Avoid buying from Caribbeangardenseed !!!

This will not be a good review. Ordered 200 tulips bulbs in April of 2022 and guess what? Bulbs were shipped and arrived in April of 2023 one year later. That’s a joke!!!! More to it is all 200 bulbs that I received were rotten and completely unusable. I would be glad to attached photos to this review but it’s not possible. Of course I send multiple emails asking for replacement of the order or refund but nobody bothers to respond.