} Vietnamese Tear Jerker, PEPPER SEEDS , Capsicum annuum, Asian Vegetabl

Vietnamese Tear Jerker, PEPPER SEEDS , Capsicum annuum, Asian Vegetable

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The Vietnemese Tear Jerker originated in Vietnam. These peppers are in the Capsicum Frutescens series. For those who do not know, Frutescens stands for bushy and that is what you will get.

THEĀ Ā Vietnemese Tear Jerker will still bring tears to most peopleā€™s eyes. The heat unit, which is the SHU, ranges from 5,000 to 30,000 Scoville Units for the hot Vietnemese Tear Jerkers. The extremely hot Vietnemese Tear Jerkers rate above 30,000 Scoville Units. The Shu of a pepper can go much higher than these figures.

Starting pepper plants indoors gives you a jump start on the growing season. Start pepper plants indoors 4 to 6 weeks before the last known frost date for your area.

The Vietnemese Tear Jerker is a very easy pepper to grow. They grow well in a garden as well as in planters. The Vietnemese Tear Jerker grows up to 48 inches and it is best to plant them 18 to 24 inches apart as they do grow bushy. They like full sun light and require regular watering. Over watering these pepper plants may cause the loss of the plant.

When to sow outside:
2 to 4 weeks after average last frost when air temperature is at least 70Ā° F and soil temperature is at least 65Ā° F.
Harvesting: Harvest when peppers have turned from green to red. When harvesting, take care to avoid touching the interior of any broken peppers, as the capsaicin is an extreme irritant, especially to the eyes. Wash hands thoroughly after harvesting, or wear gloves to harvest peppers.
(Seed Originally From Thailand)
The active ingredient in chili pepper is capsaicin, which stimulates the stomach and improves digestion.Ā 
  • Has laxative effects and facilitates breathing in patients with colds, promotes perspiration.Ā 
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  • Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This spice should be used in very small quantities, because it has strong burning effects.Ā 
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  • Ā Stimulates endorphins (happiness hormone) proliferation, what reduces pain and gives feeling of happiness. Chili peppers used raw or heat-treated. Chili pepper containing kapsacin have antibacterial properties, which helps extend the freshness of the meal.
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  • Used fresh or dried and minced. Chili added to meat, fish, rice and vegetable dishes, as well as in cheese, cottage cheese and salad, gives them the unique spicy flavor.
Warning Fresh chili should be washed under cold running water, thus protect the eyes, nose and throat from the effects of hot pepper.

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