} Shallot Seeds "Zebrune" -ANNUAL VEGETABLE

Shallot Seeds "Zebrune" -ANNUAL VEGETABLE

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Zebrune Shallot Seeds
(Allium cepa)
Heirloom shallot from France where it is called Cuisse de Poulet du Poitou, which translates to leg of the chicken. A type of Eschalion or banana shallot. Pinkish brown bulbs are sweet and mild, excellent for gourmet cooking. Bulbs keep well in storage. 100 days from transplant.
Once you've tasted a shallot fresh from the soil of your own backyard, you'll never go back to those overpriced supermarket varieties! Zebrune is a classic French shallot, an heirloom that continues to delight as new varieties come and go. It's pinkish-brown with a mild, sweet flavor, it stores well, and it is destined to become your favorite new veggie in the garden.

The French name of Zebrune is "Cuisse de Poulet du Poitou," which translates as "chicken leg." (Why does everything sound more elegant in French?!) And these mid-sized shallots really are a bit drumstick-shaped, bulging in the middle and narrower on one end. Zebrune is an eschalion or banana type shallot with thick, meaty bulbs. You'll get an extra slice or two of good eating from each one.

Zebrune is a highly productive plant, reaching 12 to 24 inches high and about 4 to 8 inches wide. (Space transplants about 6 inches apart in the garden.) It resists bolting, making it a good choice for warm climates. And the bulbs store beautifully after harvest, keeping your larder stocked all season.

Zebrune should be started indoors in short-season climates, or if you want the earliest possible crop of shallots. Sow the seeds 4 to 6 weeks before the last scheduled frost in your area. Germination takes anywhere from 4 to 10 days, and is very dependable. (Onions -- can't go wrong!) Transplant the seedlings as soon as the soil is workable in spring.

If you would prefer to direct-sow in the sunny garden, wait until temperatures remain at or above about 55 degrees F. And whether you're starting the seeds indoor

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