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Burdock can be a wonderful plant to have in your world!

Burdock (Arctium lappa) has Greco-Roman history. There has been writing of an ancient land remedy ritual using this plant. It was believed to improve field crops and dispel any sorceries cast upon the land. Fascinating!

The part of this plant that is most widely used, is the root.

Now, I will tell you, this herb is BITTER! But, there is an excellent reason for this. In the Herbal Community, a family of Herbs to which this herb belongs, called “Bitters” has a long history of aiding the digestive system and promoting a gentle detox. With all of the environmental toxins around, we all know we can use more allies for this!

Burdock root itself has many nutrients such as Vitamin B6, Manganese, Potassium, Folate, Vitamin C, Phosphorus, Calcium, and Iron. Not to mention the antioxidants this herb boasts!

With all of this being said, I highly recommend you delve deeper into the many amazing attributes of this herb.

Caribbean Garden Seeds
Caribbean Garden Seeds
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Burdock ROOT Seeds Asian Vegetable


'Watanabe AKA As Gobo Burdock, Watanabe (Arctium lappa), organic, Both Medical And Culinary Herb Open Pollinated (Watanabe Burdock)Family: Aster (...

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