} Potentilla nepalensis 'Miss Willmott, known as Cinquefoil !

Potentilla nepalensis 'Miss Willmott, known as Cinquefoil !

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Also known as Cinquefoil.
If you enjoy an easy life, then this is the plant for you! So easy to grow she needs virtually no care at all but in return will give you beautiful raspberry red blooms with dark eye that smother the strawberry like foliage

¬†throughout the summer. Rabbit resistant. Prefers well-drained soil in sun or part shade. Height 30-45cm (12-18‚ÄĚ). Spread 60cm (24‚ÄĚ). Hardy perennial.
This form is a charming plant for the front of the border, and its panicles of bright rosy-crimson - an unusual colour - in summer will be a most attractive and useful asset to your garden. Hardy throughout the British 
Isles. 9-12 ins.
Cinquefoil Miss Willmott Potentilla Nepalensis is a clumping, herbaceous perennial native to the Himalayas in Nepal, and a member of the rose family. Cinquefoil seeds can be started outdoors in a cold frame, and Potentilla 
Nepalensis has shrub-like growth habit. Cinquefoil Miss Willmott forms compact mounds of a sprawling foliage with branching, wiry stems and strawberry-like leaves, and this perennial blooms all summer long producing 
charming, showy, cup-shaped, pink-purple flowers with dark centers. Cinquefoil Miss Willmott is perfect for rock gardens, cottage gardens, flower borders or containers, or mass planting as a ground cover. Potentilla 
Nepalensis seeds need light to germinate, and the established Cinquefoil is drought and cold tolerant plant that likes to grow in full sun to partial shade, and thrives in most soil conditions. Cinquefoil makes a good cut flower.
  • Season:¬†Perennial
  • USDA Zones:¬†5 - 8
  • Height:¬†24 inches
  • Bloom Season:¬†Summer and fall
  • Bloom Color:¬†Pink/purple
  • Environment:¬†Full sun to partial shade
  • Soil Type:¬†Well-drained, pH 5.8 - 6.8
  • Deer Resistant:¬†Yes
  • Temperature:¬†68F
  • Average Germ Time:¬†14 - 28 days
  • Light Required:¬†Yes
  • Depth:¬†Do not cover the seed but tightly press seeds into soil
  • Sowing Rate:¬†2 - 4 seeds per plant
  • Moisture:¬†Keep moist until germination
  • Plant Spacing:¬†16 inches