} Beet Seeds - "Detroit Dark Red"Heirloom, Vegetable seeds

Beet Seeds - "Detroit Dark Red"Heirloom, Vegetable seeds

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This heirloom vegetable seed was introduced in 1982 and produces tender, juicy beets. Beets are great for vegetable gardening since they return double your money - the roots are delicious and nutritious, while the greens are both edible and attractive. Garden-fresh beets are a family treat! (A generous amount of seeds and the growing instructions are included.) Beet Seeds - "Detroit Dark Red" - HEIRLOOM - Beta vulgaris If Jack Kerouac was the "King of the beats", then "Detroit Dark Red" is surely the "King of the beets". This heirloom beet was introduced in 1892 and is a very popular and versatile beet rich in color and texture. Plant "Detroit Dark Red" Beet seeds and double your pleasure by enjoying both the roots and the greens. The "Detroit Dark Red" prefers full sun and good drainage, but in most climates can also tolerate partially filtered shade. Can be planted from early spring or late summe

Common Name Beet
Botanical Name Beta vulgaris
Light Requirements Full Sun
How to Grow Direct Sow
Planting Depth 1/2 inch
Planting Time Cool Season
Seed Spacing 1 inch
Row Spacing 12-18 inches
Space After Thinning 2-3 inches
Days to Germination 10-20
Days to Harvest 55-60
Ways to Grow Small Gardens
In the Kitchen Pickling, Roasting
Is It Heirloom? Yes

Materials: SALADS,RECIPES,JUICE,HEALTHY,VITAMINS,GOOD FOR YOU,cake,stir fry,dye,Beets,Heirloom,Organic,Vegetable seeds

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