} Cantonese pak choy Seeds, Asian Vegetables,Late spring or late summer/

Cantonese pak choy Seeds, Asian Vegetables,Late spring or late summer/fall

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 Leafy Vegetables ,Flowering Brassica , Yu Choy Sum Seeds,
Early Green, Chinese flowering cabbage,

  •  (Yu Choy Sum-Early Variety)
  •  Maturity: Approx. 30-40 days
  • Planting season: Late spring or late summer/fall

Also known as:
Chinese flowering cabbage, Chinese soup green, edible rape, flowering Chinese cabbage, flowering pak choy, mock pak choy, yellow flower choy sum
Flowering Brassica is a fast growing green that can be harvested as Yu Choy (stem and leaf) or Yu Choy Sum, (stem, leaf and flower buds.) This high quality, early maturing
variety is developed for growing baby Yu Choy or Yu Choy Miao. Its stems are short and thick with shiny green leaves and it is tolerant to Downy Mildew.

Asian vegetable names...

  • China:  hon tsai tai, hong tsoi sum, hong cai tai, yu choy, zi cai tai, cai tai, cai tsai, cai xin, choy sum, pak tsoi sum, pei choy sum, tsai hsin, tsoi sum, yintsai sum, you cai, yu choy, yu choy sum, yui tsai
  • Japan:  beninabana, kosaitai, saishin
  • Korea:  yuchaeip
  • Malaysia:  sawi bunga, sawi manis
  • Thailand:  pakaukeo, pakauyai
  • Vietnam:  cai ngot, zaub ceg ntev

Sow late summer to fall. 
GROWING: Prefers cool temperatures. Prepare fertile, well-drained soil. Sow seeds in late summer/early fall. Keep soil moist. Fertilize as needed. Harvest main stalk when it reaches 10-14" tall and just before flowering occurs. After this cut, the plant branches freely for an extended harvest.

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