} Purple heads Graffiti Cauliflower Seeds, VEGETABLE

Purple heads Graffiti Cauliflower Seeds, VEGETABLE

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Graffiti Cauliflower Seeds
Needs less wrapper protection, thanks to that rich, deep purple! Stunning, flashy purple heads.
Graffiti's brilliant purple heads are a great draw at farm stands and excellent for CSA's and restaurants. The colorful florets are attractive served raw with dip or as a cooked vegetable. Graffiti produces a true cauliflower head on large plants. Best for fall harvest, but can also be sown in spring.
Bright sunlight intensifies the color.
80 days from setting out transplants. Easily the darkest and "truest" of the purple cauliflowers, Graffiti is here to brighten the plate and jazz up the vegetable patch! This widely adapted, vigorous variety sets large heads of deep purple that keep their color even after cooking (reaching a shade of mauve). Perfect for coastal climates, the far north, and the humidity-laden south and southwest, it's both a gourmet selection and a tried-and-true dependable performer in the garden.
These heavy, well-packed heads intensify their shade of violet with exposure to sun, and need less wrapper protection than most others. They make a splendid fall crop, but are also suitable for spring. Highly resistant to downy mildew, they can withstand rainy and humid climates far easier than older varieties. And they just look spectacular!

Feel free to steam, sautée, or lightly boil Graffiti -- it may become a bit less intense, but won't lose its essential purple hues! And to keep the color even stronger, add a dollop of lemon juice or vinegar to the pot before cooking!

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xiangming liang

Graffiti Cauliflower Seeds - purple heads. 20 Seeds !