} Cogoleto Asiatic Lily Bulbs,Pots Perennial

Cogoleto Asiatic Lily Bulbs,Pots Perennial

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Cogoleto Asiatic Lily Bulbs

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Cogoleto Asiatic Asian lily bulbs are not fragrant. And easy to grow Asian lily bulbs.  Pink perfection in a lily!  Gorgeous rosy bubble gum-pink petals.  Also, heavily freckled. And deep rose splotches. Therefore, a show stopper in the garden. Strong sturdy stems make it a must for flower arrangements.. And your garden. See Cogoleto live and in bloom at our annual 

Asiatic Asian lily bulbs (Lilium asiatica) are perfect plants. Even for landscapes. They are true lilies of the lilium family. Above all the hardiest, most popular lilies. As well as, producing long-lasting flowers. Beginner at growing lilies? Asiatic Asian lily bulbs are the easiest to grow. Additionally, the first of the season to flower. And they multiply fast. They do well in many zones. USDA hardiness zones 10 to 3.

Your plant arrives to you as bulbs. Once planted in spring, they sprout to develop lovely leaves and handsome flower spikes through the summer.
Whether placed in your garden, a planter on the front porch, or a hanging box off the deck railing, these two varieties of perennial lily bulbs eventually bloom to bring lovely , inviting fragrance.
Planting Facts
Plant in spring
Best in hardiness zones 3-9
Grows in full or partial sun
Blooms in mid- to late summer
Grows to up to 36” tall
This is the perfect no-maintenance lily to add to your flower border or particularly, your wildflower meadow. A few towering lilies over a wild meadow in full bloom is a wonderful mid-summer sight.