} Amaryllis Marquis Bulbs, Great Gift Item

Amaryllis Marquis Bulbs, Great Gift Item

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  • The amaryllis is a popular indoor plant in the winter and spring, with large lily-shaped flowers on tall stems. They are a popular holiday gift. 
  • Exotic blooms
  • Great gift idea
  • Easy to grow
  • Large Bulb

Amaryllis Israeli Blossom PeacockIsraeli amaryllis typically bloom in 8-10 weeks

  • ‘Marquis’ Amaryllis have spectacular double white blooms with just a hint of green in the throat. This amaryllis will send up multiple stalks with numerous flowers on each.These amazing beauties will bloom in approx. 6-8 weeks reaching a mature height of approx. 16-24”.

    Holiday Flowering Plant Care

    After flowering, cut off the flower stalks and continue to grow as a houseplant. Continue to water and fertilize regularly. Grow inside or move to a partly shaded area outside after danger of frost has passed. Near the end of summer, let the plant go dormant by withholding water. Remove any foliage and store the bulbs in a cool dark location for 4 to 6 weeks. Repot your bulbs in October and soon they will grow and rebloom for the upcoming season.

    1-2 stems per bulb
  • 3-4 flowers per stem

The Amaryllis is a beautiful, fascinating flowering bulb. It is not hardy in places that have extended periods of frost, having originated in tropical regions. They make good container plants and can be delightful cut flowers. The major Dutch breeders have spent the last two centuries hybridizing these specimens to bring us the flower we know and love. Todays cultivars have stalks ranging from about 12" to 24" with each stalk having four to six flowers. Typically, a bulb will produce two stalks in a blooming season. With care, these bulbs will bloom every year for many years.

Growing Tips

Forcing time:  approximately 6 weeks. Growing temperature: 72 degrees F. Light intensity: Medium- High Use: dry sale, Greenhouse cultivation for pots and cut flowers. Bulb size: 28/30 cm

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