} Narcissus Magnet Flower Bulbs

Narcissus Magnet Flower Bulbs

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Beautiful, large yellow center surrounded by large pure white petals. Majestic.

  • Height: 16 – 20”
  • Quantity: 50
  • Bloom: Early to Mid Spring Blooming Bulbs

This sure winner serves you a cup of gold on a creamy platter filled with gold dust, for years in your early to mid-spring garden. The Narcissus 'Las Vegas' is a giant of a bloom, its large open-mouthed frilly trumpet sounding warm tones of buttercup yellow to anyone prepared to listen. And in case they’re reluctant to do so, this trumpet daffodil raises its musical instrument to the sky for maximum effect.

But then why bow your head when you have every reason to be proud of yourself, like Narcissus 'Las Vegas' has? This stunning daffodil enjoys its place in the spring and deserves every minute of it.

  • Bulb Size: 8-10cm

    Miniature (Botanical) Daffodils come in a wide array of shapes and sizes
    Perfect for borders, containers and rock gardens
    For a natural effect, combine with Miniature Tulips, Chionodoxa, Scilla or Muscari 

  • »  Deer, rodent & rabbit resistant
  • »  Pollinator friendly
  • »  Will naturalize for many years if the foliage is allowed to die back properly
  • »  Excellent for the South
  • »  Blooms in Early - Mid Spring
Hardiness: Fully Hardy
Flowering time: March – April
Height: 30cm

Planting Instructions
Narcissus should be planted quite deeply with 5-6" (12-15cm) of rich soil over the bulb in sun or part shade, where it will remain cool, moist and safe from activity above them during the summer. We would suggest you plant them in distinct groups and not randomly as the effect is generally better. They should clump up from being planted about 4-6" (10-15cm) apart, further apart for more ''relaxed'' planting. Do not be tempted to cut back or tidy the foliage after flowering as this period of replenishment of the bulb''s starchy food reserves is critical to future flowering. A liquid feed while starchy leaves are still green will benefit clumps in poorer soil.

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