} Clematis paniculata (Sweet Autumn starter plant) Perennial Vine

Clematis paniculata (Sweet Autumn starter plant) Perennial Vine

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While the name is ever-changing, Sweet Autumn Clematis produces a cloud-like appearance of deliciously scented, small, creamy-white star-like flowers in early fall followed by attractive feathery seed heads. It’s a vigorous grower that can be used in a variety of garden and landscape scenarios like container gardens, trellises, and ground covers. The sweet scent of the flowers are attractive to butterflies; A real winner! Pruning type 3.

Exquisite climber! Giant-flowering clematis provides masses of big, colorful blooms - 6-8'' across, from May through early September. Plant wherever color and a pretty pattern effect is desired. Quickly grows over walls, cover stumps, and make perfect cover ups for unsightly service areas.

Group Three: These Clematis only flower on new growth and require hard pruning in winter to encourage new growth. Some will naturally die down to the ground. They tend to flower later in the season, around November onwards and are terrific during Summer and Autumn. This group includes the viticellas, texensis and herbaceous varietie

Plant on wires, stout strings or light wooden trellises, wherever vertical color is needed. Clematis are vigorous-growing, well-disciplined vines with tendril-like leaflets that curl around any small object. They bloom year after year, growing more beautiful with age.

Plant in full sun or partial shade with the foot of the plant not directly exposed to the sun for too long. Water frequently in dry weather. Good for fresh flower bouquets. Attracts both hummingbirds and butterflies. These are strong number one plants, grown on their own roots and shipped dormant for superior results. Zones 4-9.Bears 6-8'' blooms that are as white as snow. Grows 10-12' tall. Blooms in late spring to early summer.

Color of Bloom: White
Hardy Zones 4-8
Months of Bloom: August-September
Immediate shipping. Dormant shipping in winter.

Suggested Uses:

  • Border (through medium sized shrubs to act as groundcover),
  • Container gardens (again, to act as groundcover or keep the vine contained),
  • Cut flower garden (flowers are beautiful and make nice additions to any bouquet),
  • Espalier (there is not much depth in the z-direction but it grows full in the x and y directions),
  • Ground cover (for areas where grass can be out of the question or some color is wanted); just don’t trellis it,
  • Privacy screen (adds beauty and density to a fence or trellis),
  • Specimen (showy flowers are enough to attract anyone’s attention and create a focal point in any garden),
  • Urban garden (similar reasoning as espalier, this vine does not take up as much space and can tolerate limited horizontal area as long as there is room for vertical growth),
  • Woodland garden (while not a native, some species of Clematis are and this variety will still make a nice addition or climb tree trunks if the garden is near the woods)

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