} Gatherer's Gold, Sweet Pepper Seeds, Capsicum annuum

Gatherer's Gold, Sweet Pepper Seeds, Capsicum annuum

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These peppers are very sweet crisp and extremely tasty. Can be enjoyed fresh or fried. The peppers contain very few seeds, making them easy to use.

Certified Organic Seed
Capsicum annuum
Extremely bright, crisp, yellow pepper.

Stunning deep orange colored pepper, remains orange even a maturity. Produces a 7-10 inches long thin tapered fruits which is highly productive and vigorous. The plant is about 24-36 inches in height and need a plant spacing of about 18-24 inches.

Planting & Growing: Start seeds indoors 8 weeks before the last frost. Direct seeding is not recommended. Stake to keep fruit off the ground and mulch for disease and weed control.

Harvesting & Storage: Harvest the first fruits early to encourage continued production through the season. Cut (don't pull) the fruit from the stems. These peppers may be harvested from the green stage through the color changes.

Did You Know? Sweet peppers are loaded with vitamins C and A. Red peppers contain twice the vitamin C and eleven times the beta carotene of green peppers.

  • Soil Temperature: 75-85F
  • Planting Depth: 1/4"
  • Germination: 6-15 Days
  • Height At Maturity: 22"-30"
  • Days To Maturity: 68-78 Days
  • Sun/Shade: Full Sun
  • Spacing After Thinning: 12"

Peppers often like to take their sweet time germinating. They can be up in a week, and some will take almost a month. Even with paper towel germination testing, they can take long. I'm not sure why, but it is a normal occurrence. So plan ahead and make sure you start them early enough! Also remember they like heat to germinate so make sure you have a heating mat or something to keep the soil warm. Placing them up on top of the fridge often works too since it is normally warmer up there.
Peppers do very well grown in pots.

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