} COSMOS Candystripe, Flowers SEED- (Cosmos bipinnatus) Annual

COSMOS Candystripe, Flowers SEED- (Cosmos bipinnatus) Annual

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Cosmos plants are tough, self-supporting, heavy blooming & easy to maintain.
Dwarf Cosmos are bushy and compact. Grow in pots, beds, or borders.
Flowers brightly colored, long blooming, excellent cut, and attract butterflies.
  • Approx¬†4,500 seeds per oz
  • Cosmos Bipinnatus - Candystripe
  • Add colorful texture to any bouquet.
  • Great for the garden or container!
  • All Cosmos attract birds and make good cut flowers.
Cosmos bipinnatus
Cosmos bipinnatus, commonly called the garden cosmos or Mexican aster, is a medium-sized flowering herbaceous plant native to Mexico. The species and its varieties and cultivars are popular as an ornamental plant in temperate climate gardens.
Candystripe,white with rose to crimson markings
Candy Stripe cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus "Candy Stripe") earned their name because of the distinctive coloring of their flowers, which feature white petals with pale red stripes. As heat-loving annuals, Candy Stripe cosmos grow best when the air and soil is warm, so it is best to start the seeds indoors about one month before the last frost so the seedlings are well-established by planting time. The seeds germinate without pretreatment in one to two weeks and will be ready for transplant within a month; however, they must be provided with supplemental warmth during germination to ensure their proper development.
1 Fill 2-inch starter pots with a combination of three parts potting soil, one part fine sand and one part perlite. Leave the top 1/2-inch of each starter pot empty.
Drizzle water onto the potting soil mixture until it settles and feels very moist throughout. Place one Candy Stripe cosmos seed on the soil in each pot. Cover it with a 1/4-inch layer of soil.
Sprinkle a thin layer of fine sand over the soil to help insulate it. Mist it heavily to collapse any air pockets near the surface of the soil. Gently firm it with your fingertip.
Move the starter pots near a large window with six to eight hours of natural light each day. Set them on a warming mat with the temperature set to between 68 and 75 degrees.
Drape clear plastic over the pots to shield them from cold drafts. Do not seal or secure the plastic since it will trap too much moisture around the seeds, which can cause them to mildew.
Lift the plastic and test the soil moisture every day. Add water only if it feels dry on the surface. Use a spray bottle to water the Candy Stripe cosmos seeds since it is less likely to disturb them.
Watch for germination in five days, but don't be surprised if it takes some of the seeds up to two weeks to sprout. Remove the clear plastic after the seeds sprout, but leave the starter pots on the warming mat for another week.
Decrease water after germination to prevent bacterial infections. Allow the top 1/4 inch of soil to dry out before adding more. Drizzle water directly onto the soil rather than misting with a spray bottle.
Transplant the Candy Stripe cosmos plants into a sunny bed with mildly alkaline, fast-draining soil once outdoor temperatures reach 65 degrees and all frost danger has passed. Space the plants approximately 12 inches apart.

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