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Covington Sweet Potato Plants/Slips -

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  • Cultivate delicious sweet potatoes with our Covington Sweet Potato plants. Our variety is a reliable producer and is sure to provide a rewarding harvest with relatively low maintenance. With a 95% success rate and minimal care needed, they’re ideal for growers of all skill levels.

  • Days to Maturity:  105-115 days
  • Skin Color:  Dark Rose
  • Flesh Color:  Orange-Yellow
  • Flesh Texture:  Light, Moist

You will receive bare-root "slips." Expect them to be wilted, dry, or pale in color from shipping. This is normal. Slips are very hardy and will still grow. If planting must be delayed by a few days, wrap the root end of the slips in moist paper towels, keeping the leaves and stems dry. Place upright and keep at room temperature, out of direct sunlight and wind. If planting must be delayed by a week or more, loosely plant the slips in sterile potting soil and keep soil moist; keep indoors or in a greenhouse. Gently lift out and separate slips when ready to plant.

A commercial giant, 90% of commercial sweet potatoes grown in NC are Covington.   The Covington grows well in many different types of soil and produces high yields of uniform tubers.  Resistant to Fusarium wilt and moderately resistant to streptomyces soil rot and the southern root-knot nematode.  

 Solid performer and super consistent, met expectations for appearance, flavor, and yield.  "We have consistently had VERY GOOD appearance, flavor, and yield from the Covingtons we source from you.  The taters are beautifully shaped and sized with few jumbos, are easy to harvest, store well, and are delicious. 

Carefully fill the hole with dirt so that you don't bruise the new plant. Sweet potatoes don't like to be bruised or bumped around too much. When you have completely covered it with soil, gently press the plant and surrounding dirt to set the plant and to remove any remaining air pockets. Continue the same way until all of your slips are planted.

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Never Received My order

I placed an order back in July and never received my order. They never responded to my email. They sent a tracking number and created a label, but UPS never received a package. DO NOT BUY!!! You will loose your money.

marla hoffman
Never arrived - never answered email

This item never arrived - nor did my seeds I ordered. No one responded to my email I sent and the tracking information was never updated.