} Crocosmia (Bulb) TROPICAL Perennial Flowers

Crocosmia (Bulb) TROPICAL Perennial Flowers

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Drought-tolerant,zones 6 through 10.

One of the best ways to break your garden out of the summer doldrums is to plant colorful summer-blooming bulb. Crocosmia IS Tall, ribbed, sword-like leaves are impervious to insect damage and stay fresh looking all season. Outstanding combined with


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in gardens and bouquets. Any plant you find that's easier to grow is likely to be plastic.

 Wonderful Selections For Adding Color To The Summer Garden. Strictly Speaking They Should Be Classed As Bulbs Or Corms, But The Hardier Types In Particular Are Looked Upon As Perennials.

All Six Cultivars Have Stood The Test Of Time. “Crocosmia” Produces Strappy Evergreen Leaves And Upright Swords Of Golden Yellow, Red Or Orange With A Scarlet Centre, Freesia-Like Flowers. It Creates An Eye-Catching Display For Several Weeks. The Combination Of Foliage, Flower And Attractive Seedheads Give “Crocosmia” Great Garden Value, Especially In Plant Combinations.

Despite its tropical origin, this vigorous perennial is hardy down to zone 5 and can stay in the ground year-round in all but the harshest climates, reliably blooming season after season. The lily-like flowers light up summer garden beds and borders and are especially irresistible to hummingbirds. Even when Crocosmia are not in bloom, their fountain-shaped clumps of spiky foliage offer contrasting form and vertical interest.

Plant “Crocosmia” 8-10 Cms Deep And About 15-20 Cms Apart They Like Fertile Well-Drained Soil That Is Moist In Spring And Summer But Drier In Winter. It Does Best In Full To Part Sun. If You Delay Planting Your Bulbs Into May You Tend To Get Flowers That Last Longer In The Autumn, Than In The Peak Of The Summer Heat.

This Pleasing Summer Bulb Makes A Striking And Unusual Accent For Perennial Borders And Mixed Plantings. It Also Works Well In Containers. “Crocosmia’s” Flowers Are Attractive To Bees And Will Brighten Any Large, Sunny Border. These Perennials Are Most Impressive When Planted In Large Clumps

When Frost Threatens In The Late Autumn, Dig Up The Bulbs If They Are In The Ground Carefully Leaving Soil Around The Roots And Put Them In A Well-Ventilated Shady Place On Their Sides Until The Leaves Wither. Cut Off The Leaves And Store The Bulbs Upside Down Over Winter In Dry Peat. It Needs To Be Dry When Dormant. When There Is No More Frost In The Spring They Can Be Replanted.