} Mullein Foxglove Seeds. ANNUAL FLOWERS .

Mullein Foxglove Seeds. ANNUAL FLOWERS .

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This herbaceous plant is a summer annual about 2-6' tall. It branches regularly from the central stem, while the side stems branch very little.

These stems are somewhat pubescent and green to reddish green. The opposite leaves are up to 12" and 4" across, becoming smaller as they ascend the stems. The lower leaves are pinnately lobed, cleft, and coarsely toothed, while the upper leaves are lanceolate-oblong and smooth along the margins.

The petioles of the leaves become progressively shorter toward the apex of the plant; the upper leaves are often sessile. Both lower and upper leaves are hairless, or nearly so.

The preference is partial sun, mesic to dry conditions, and a loam, clay-loam, or rocky soil. This plant benefits from the proximity of oak trees. Its size is highly variable, depending on growing conditions.