} RED Firecracker Flower (BULBS) fall planting

RED Firecracker Flower (BULBS) fall planting

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Dichelostemma ida-maia - firecracker flower

Blooming firecracker flowers are a sight to behold. Native to grassy slopes and woodland edges from Mendocino County to Southern Oregon, this distinctive native bulb is truly unique. Long, strap-shaped leaves give rise to tall, naked stems, 20 - 25 inches in height. Generous clusters of pendulous, one inch floral tubes of striking crimson with reflexed green tips reveal protruding little fringes of white. Bloom in late spring to early summer. Prefers lightly shaded areas that will go dry in summer after flowering. Does well in containers, as long as it is allowed to go dry once dormant. Flowers are custom built for hummingbirds and butterflies.

How to Grow Dichelostemma Bulbs:

1. In the Fall, choose a very sunny spot with well-drained soil.

2. Planting dichelostemma bulbs is fairly simple. You'll notice when you receive your bulbs that they look like mini onions and it will be easy to see that the spike should point upwards when planting.

3. Usually the rule of thumb when planting bulbs is that bulbs need at least 2 times their height of soil above them. Dig a 2 to 3 inch deep hole, drop the bulb into it (remember, spike points up!) and cover with soil.

4. Regarding spacing between bulbs, if planting in beds, leave approx 4 inches between each bulb. If you are planting in containers, you can cluster them a little closer together.

5. After planting, water well so that the soil above the bulbs settles.

6. Dichelostemma bulbs will flower in the late Spring. After the flowers die down, the plant can enjoy a warm and dry rest period. You don't have to water too much during this rest period.

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