} Double Canterbury Bells Seeds,'Pink double' CAMPANULA medium flore ple

Double Canterbury Bells Seeds,'Pink double' CAMPANULA medium flore plena, Perennial

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CAMPANULA medium flore plena 'Blue double'
Double Canterbury Bells
Campanula plants are elegant perennials and biennials known as Bellflowers. Campanulas are showy vertical accents for partly shaded borders.
This unique French selection has fluffy double (Blue) flowers held on strong stems that are excellent for cutting. Removing individual faded flowers will keep plants blooming for weeks on end.
Great for cutting. Easy to please in any sunny border setting. An improvement on older double forms, with larger blooms and stronger stems. Sun Exposure; Full Sun or Partial shade. Soil Type; Normal or Sandy or Clay. Soil pH; Neutral or Alkaline or Acid. Soil Moisture; Average or Moist. Care Level; Easy. Flower Colour; Deep Blue. Blooming Time; Early Summer, Mid Summer, Late Summer. Foliage Color; Deep Green. Accent: Good Texture/Form, Border, Containers, Cut Flower, Rabbit Resistant, Massed Specimen, Flower Head Size; Medium. Height; 50-60 cm, 20-23 inches. Spread; 30-45 cm, 12-18 inches. Foot Traffic; None. Growth Rate;
How to Plant CAMPANULA Seeds
Sow in cell packs or flats press seed into soil but do not cover. Light aids germination. Kept at 70°F., germination is in 14-28 days. P

Materials: Seeds,Perennial,Garden seed,Very Rare,Cherry Bells,Cherry Bells Bellflower,Red Spotted Bellflower,CAMPANULA,CAMPANULA punctata f rubriflora

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