} DRIFTING' Bearded Iris, Perennial Bareroot Plant

DRIFTING' Bearded Iris, Perennial Bareroot Plant

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Bearded Iris are perennial and do not require a cold-frame to bloom

Deer, rodent & rabbit resistant

  • »  Extremely drought tolerant and perfect for warm and dry climates
  • »  Hardy in zones 3-10, the rhizomes need plenty of sun to bloom well

The light airiness of this impeccable blue amoena will freshen up your garden. Billowing white standards perfectly complement the elegantly ruffled hyacinth blue falls. Held on 40" stems, its 4 1/4" x 6" flowers dominate the floral landscape. The stem habit is also splendid with 3 to 4 branches displaying 9 to 12 buds on each stalk.. On

Unlike most spring bulbs, bearded iris don't require a period of cold to produce blossoms, making them perfect for areas with mild winters.

They are also extremely drought tolerant, good for areas with little or no summer rains.

Bearded irises are not actually bulbs, but rhizomes, a kind of thick brown root. Hardy in zones 3-10, the rhizomes need plenty of sun to bloom well and regularly.

They do best in well drained soil, but will tolerate less drainage in drier areas.

vibrant lemon yellow flowers that incredibly bloom nearly continuously from late spring into fall. Its sweetly fragrant blossoms are excellent cut.

Iris should be planted so the tops of the rhizomes are exposed and the roots are spread out facing downward in the soil. In very light soils or in extremely hot climates, covering the rhizome with 1 inch of soil may be desirable. Firm the soil around each rhizome and then water to help settle the soil.




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Kristine Garner
This bulb is a special kind of invisible

Scam company, never received the bulbs.