} Dwarf French Marigold (Petite Seed Mix) Tagetes patula

Dwarf French Marigold (Petite Seed Mix) Tagetes patula

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Marigold Seeds, bloom Summer through fall - Seeds! Dwarf French Marigold Petite Seed Mix, stay small all summer Perfect for edging,flower garden, baskets and containers.

A perfect choice for borders, this beautiful and bright Dwarf Petite Mix offers blooms in a range of warm hues--excellent to protect and compliment taller varieties!

stay small all summer long.

Dwarf marigolds stay small all summer long.
Marigold dwarf mix (Tagetes patula) is also known as dwarf French marigold. These bright flowers tolerate poor soil, heat, humidity and drought, growing and producing seeds in just one season. Even though dwarf marigolds are very adaptable, they do not tolerate shady areas or waterlogged soil. To determine if dwarf marigolds are the right annual for your summer garden, consider a few facts before planting.
Dwarf marigolds commonly reach 6 to 8 inches tall, with a few varieties growing to 12 inches tall. The feathery green leaves forms clumps under the double blossoms. The marigolds produce yellow, orange and red blooms, including bicolored types like yellow petals with red markings.
This variety of marigolds looks good when planted in a mass of leaves and blossoms. The bright blossoms create color spots in flower borders. Dwarf marigolds grow well in containers when planted around the edges. Plant these marigolds with other low-growing, summer-blooming annuals.
Dwarf marigold seeds are planted in prepared soil located in full to partial sun to the depth of 1/8 inch. Keep the soil moist while germinating. Seedlings begin to appear in about a week if the temperature stays above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If planting starts from a garden center, space the dwarf marigolds eight inches apart. Pinch off the dying flowers to promote the production of more flowers.

Materials: Annual,flowers seeds,French Marigold,baskets and containers,Marigold,Tagetes Patula Mix

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