} Fancy-leaf Caladium Bulbs (Hearts Desire) Tropical Look, Jamaican Coco

Fancy-leaf Caladium Bulbs (Hearts Desire) Tropical Look, Jamaican Coco Rose

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 A new and distinct cultivar of Caladium plant named ‘Hearts Desire’, characterized by its mounding growth habit, heart-shaped green leaves that have a white center, white mid and primary veins, numerous red purple spots and speckles along the netted veins, and plants that are attractive in containers and sunny or shady landscapes..

Caladiums are grown for their showy leaves. In summer they produce clumps of long stalked, heart-shaped leaves.
Color All Summer
Great for Landscaping or Containers
Thrives in Heat and Humidity
Greenhouse Growing Instructions:
Maintain temperature above 70°F even at night. For best results, water should also be 60-70°F, keep evenly moist at all times. Moderate light levels are optimal and no fertilizer necessary. Generally finish in 8-10 weeks based on growing conditions. 
Plants Per Gallon: 1 
Storage Temperature Prior to Planting: 65-70 
Cooler Humidity Prior to Planting: High

Transplanting Instructions:

Use well draining potting soil with high organic content. If planting in 4 or 6" pots this variety can be "de-eyed" to increase leaf count and uniformity. Place bulbs flat side down with eyes facing up and cover bulbs with 1.5-2" of soil. Water well.

Homeowner Planting and Maintenance Tips:

Caladiums are extremely easy to grow in moist, well-drained soil. These shade loving but sun tolerant plants thrive in heat and humidity.


1. Dig a hole 3" deep.

2. Set the tuber in the hole so it sits 2" below the soil surface.

3. Replace the soil and water as needed. 

Wait to plant your caladiums outdoors until after any danger of frost has passed. It's actually best to wait until the nights are warm and the soil temperature has reached 65-70°F. 
Most caladium varieties can be planted in either sun or shade. If you are planting them in a sunny location, it is important that they still get some shade during the hottest part of the day.
Like most plants, caladiums grow best in fertile, well drained soil. You can improve the texture and fertility of your soil by adding compost or top soil at planting time. During the growing season, caladiums will appreciate an occasional dose of liquid fertilizer.
To stimulate bushier growth, some varieties of caladiums can be "de-eyed" before planting. Use a paring knife to carefully cut out one or more of the primary sprouts, taking care not to damage the surrounding tissue or any smaller buds. Though at first this will set the plant back by a couple weeks, many other sprouts will soon begin developing, giving you a shorter, yet fuller plant.

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Fancy-leaf Caladium Bulbs (Hearts Desire) Tropical Look, Jamaican Coco Rose