} Georgia Jet, Sweet Potato Plants/Slips

Georgia Jet, Sweet Potato Plants/Slips

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 Fast Growing ,potatoes in only 90 days

You will receive bare-root "slips." Expect them to be wilted, dry, or pale in color from shipping. This is normal. Slips are very hardy and will still grow. If planting must be delayed by a few days, wrap the root end of the slips in moist paper towels, keeping the leaves and stems dry. Place upright and keep at room temperature, out of direct sunlight and wind. If planting must be delayed by a week or more, loosely plant the slips in sterile potting soil and keep soil moist; keep indoors or in a greenhouse. Gently lift out and separate slips when ready to plant.

Georgia Jet — A spectacular new variety with extremely fast growth (#1 size potatoes in only 90 days) and extra-high yields. Ideal for northern gardens, even New England.
How to eat
Try them baked, boiled, fried, roasted or grilled.
health benefits
Good source of fiber and provides potassium. Like most sweet potatoes, it has a low glycemic index, essential for weight watchers and diabetics. Some studies have discovered significant antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Using a small hand trowel, dig a hole about 4" or 5" deep and 3" wide. Place one slip in each hole with the roots pointing down. Position the slip so that the bottom half will be covered with dirt while the top half with all of the new leaves is above ground.

Carefully fill the hole with dirt so that you don't bruise the new plant. Sweet potatoes don't like to be bruised or bumped around too much. When you have completely covered it with soil, gently press the plant and surrounding dirt to set the plant and to remove any remaining air pockets. Continue the same way until all of your slips are planted.

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Laura Harrison

Still waiting to receive them. Definitely won't order again.

Caleb Warnock
They never shipped my order. Do not use this company.

I ordered sweet potato slips and they have never shipped and I cannot get a response from the company. Scam.

Nicholas D Goffer
Sweet Potato Slips

Never arrived :(

Lydia Shumaker
They were ok. It just took long to receive, When try to reach no one would take time to return ca...

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