} Great Lakes 118, Lettuce Seeds -Organically Grown VEGETABLE

Great Lakes 118, Lettuce Seeds -Organically Grown VEGETABLE

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Lettuce, Iceberg
28,000 seeds per oz

Seeds per pack: 1000

 This beautiful heading variety is ideal for early spring planting. Expect to have lettuce ready to harvest within 2-3 months. Heads are a mix of romaine and iceberg. Nutrient rich, refreshing, and crisp. Easy to grow and perfect for lettuce wraps, salads, and sandwiches.

Iceberg Lettuce Info: Lactuca sativa. Annual. 85 days. 28,000 seeds per oz. 6-18" height. 8-12" spacing. Produces firm heads with bright green leaves and a white heart.
A lot of people think that crisphead or iceberg-type lettuce is hard to grow. It's not.

Good head lettuce just needs fertile soil, ample sunlight, a good supply of moisture and nutrients and most important, cool weather. The plants need temperatures around 55F to 60F during the growing season, so for most gardeners this means starting plants early indoors or planting in summer or fall for a fall or winter harvest, depending on your climate.

Growing Iceberg Lettuce Seeds: Since lettuce has very shallow roots, it needsadequate moisture in order to stay tender and sweet; keep the soil evenly moist. Applying mulch helps conserve moisture and control weeds.

Harvesting Iceberg Lettuce:
Lettuce retains its crisp sweetness best when harvested in the morning. For microgreens, cut the entire plant above the surface of the soil as soon as it reaches a height of 2-3". Outer leaves of the plant can be gathered all season until the main stem of the plant starts to grow, at which time the leaves will grow bitter.

To harvest the entire plant when mature, cut it just above the surface of the soil; lettuce tastes best when fresh, but keeps in the refrigerator for about a week.

Saving Iceberg Lettuce Seeds:
As the days of summer begin to lengthen, the lettuce will bolt, or send up a stalk. To avoid selecting negative traits, gather seed from the plants that are slow to bolt. After the stalk flowers and produces pods, the pods will turn light brown and split open; in order to prevent seed loss, shake the head of the stalk into a bag every day. Alternatively, some seed savers remove the entire plant when most of the pods are ready for harvest, and hang it upside down to dry in a protected location.
Shake the seeds from the pods or crush the pods in your hands. The seed will have white "feathers" on them that can be removed by rubbing the seed on a fine mesh screen. Store the seed in a cool, dry place for 2-3 years.

Germination: 90%

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