} Habanada SEASONING PEPPER ( Capsicum chinense) LIVE PLANT

Habanada SEASONING PEPPER ( Capsicum chinense) LIVE PLANT

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Habanada Pepper Plant - Habanero Taste with No Heat - 4" Pot

Habanada PEPPER SEEDS,capsicum chinense,Heatless Habanero,tropical sweetness ,aromatic, fruity tasting.Great for pickling or eating fresh.

SWEET Habanero PEPPER - Capsicum chinense
Habanda Sweet Snacking Pepper Taste what all the excitement is about! Habanada is the heatless habanero with irresistably tropical and floral sweetness , Habanada is as versatile as it is flavorful. Habanada sorbet. Seared, roasted, braised or raw Habanada has transformed our concept of peppers. 
Once they begin to produce, Habanada is immensely abundant; expect to harvest at least a pint a week. The flavor and sweetness of Habanada develops as they ripen from lime green to florescent orange. We love to pick them fully orange and enjoy them whole, seeds and all. Just before the first frost we'll harvest all the remaining green fruits and sear them with salt and pepper for our final toast to fresh Habanada and look forward to the next season.

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Matthew Mueller
Hasnt Shipped + 0 communication

0 communication from customer service. Products ordered were projected to arrive the 12th. It is now the 30th, havent been able to get in contact with support and products have yet to ship.

Didn’t receive my plants

Called and emailed several times. No response. Poor communication services

W B Steck
Growing well!

so Greatful to have carribbian Gardner start these two! I must have these in my life, and have had trouble getting them going from previous years crops. So love these habanadas!! Thank you!