} Hyacinth 'Dark Dimension Bulbs, unusual color

Hyacinth 'Dark Dimension Bulbs, unusual color

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 Very rare black Hyacinthus orientalis Dark.

Dark Dimension - the darkest purple imaginable and the darkest hyacinthus we've ever Seen,pure Black florets give this hyacinth a beautiful presence in the garden. A new introduction from Holland, it features all the best characteristics of modern hyacinths: sturdier stems, an intense, sweet fragrance and fade-proof color. Works well in containers and is a long-lasting cut flower.
Richly Fragrant
Grows Well in Containers
Blooms in Mid-Spring

Hyacinth Dark Dimension

The most surreal hyacinth that exists. The flower is so dark that it is almost black. Note the edges of the flowers that are violet. Very special and combines well with white.

Bulb size 15/16
Height 25 cm
Blooming period April - May
Planting period September - November
Planting depth 20 cm
Planting distance 15 cm

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