} Jacob's ladder (White Pearl) Flowers Seeds

Jacob's ladder (White Pearl) Flowers Seeds

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This lovely easy to grow perennial requires little maintenance.

Polemonium, also known as Jacob's-ladder, Greek valerian or sky pilot, is a popular garden ornamental. There are about 25 species worldwide, found throughout the Northern Hemisphere and also the Andes of South America. Those grown as garden plants typically have basal rosettes of pinnately compound leaves consisting of numerous small, rounded leaflets. 
These plants are easy to grow from seed and they will very easily self-seed and spread in an uncontrolled fashion in the garden unless the spent flowers are removed before seeds can fall.
start planting seeds in the garden, either spring or fall. Loosely cover the seed with soil, then water. Keep the soil moist, and be sure to mark the spot so that you do not disturb it.

To start seed indoors, sow two months before your last frost date if you want to transplant in spring, or sow in mid-summer if you want to transplant in the fall. The seeds take up to a month to germinate and should be kept moist until then. Transplant outdoors in spring just before your last frost date, or in early to mid-fall.
Jacob's ladder plants prefer partial or dappled shade. Varieties with dark green leaves can handle more direct sun than the variegated varieties, so long as the soil is kept consistently moist.
Plant Jacob's ladder in loose, rich, well-draining soil that will remain moist but not wet. It is more fussy about moisture than about soil pH but does best with a neutral soil pH of about 6.2 to 7.0.
Jacob's ladder plants that receive regular watering will bloom longer and remain attractive into summer. Water regularly to maintain medium moisture levels, but avoid soggy conditions. During dry periods, you ma
Plant Description
Life Cycle: Perennial
Family: Polemoniaceae
Origin: Northern Hemisphere
Special Features: White flowering form of this popular widespread species. Easily grown from seed, distinctive finely divided foliage. Stems, sometimes bipinnate with up to 20 oval to oblong leaflets. Reblooms after dead-heading.
Historical: The species has been used in gardens since Roman times.
Basic Colour: (white / cream)
Flower Colour: white

Natural Flowering Period: June - July
Winter Hardiness Zones: Z2 - Z8 
Foliage: oval to oblong, finely divided
Growth Habit: upright, erect / clumping
Height with Flowers: 60 cm
Spacing between Plants: 45 cm
Soil Requirements: dry / well-drained
Usage: suitable for cutting / flowering pot plant