} LARGE DARK Brown Kidney Beans

LARGE DARK Brown Kidney Beans

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LARGE DARK Brown Kidney Beans - Bean Seeds Phaseolus vulgaris) Also Known As Chili Beans, Non-GMO Heirloom Grown Organically
The kidney bean with its dark reddish-brown skin is named for its visual resemblance to a kidney. The kidney bean is also known as the red bean, although this usage can cause confusion with other red beans. Kidney beans are a part of the cuisine of North India. These gorgeous and versatile beans are often used in chili, refried beans, soups, and salads.
Dry Bean Seeds - 'DARK Brown Kidney Beans'- Bush Bean
Kidney is a famous dry bean, the biggest and best of baking beans! Matures in 95 days. Popular for its excellent flavor and many uses, this variety can be stored dry or canned.
One of the most widely used beans in North America!
DARK Brown Kidney Beans is a bush variety of dried bean. Each pod contains 5 large, red kidney shaped beans. If rain threatens before your beans are totally dry, pull the whole plant up, hang upside down in your barn/garage to let them finish drying. Once dry, these beans will store for a long time! A perfect winter food full of protein straight from your own garden.
Product Details
Breed: Heirloom
Zones: 3-9
Germination: 6-10 days
Days to Maturity: 96 days
Bean Type: Bush
Pod Length: 4-5" inches
Plant Height: 18" inches
Pod Shape: Short and flat
Seed Color: Red
Comments: This bean is often used in Mexican food.

Kidney Bean Germination:
Direct sow seeds in rich, well drained soil in full sun at least a week after the last expected frost, since beans are quite sensitive to cold. If you have never planted beans in your garden before, treat the seeds with a powder inoculant to allow the process of nitrogen fixation to begin.
Plant them 1" deep and 3-6" apart, in rows about 2' apart; press down the earth above them for good soil contact. These seeds rot easily in wet soil, so do not over water them. Germination should take place 7-10 days after planting.
For companion planting benefits, plant beans near carrots or beets; avoid planting them near onions.
After germination, maintain soil moisture; beans have shallow roots, and need water at least once a week if the weather is dry. Mulching the plants helps conserve moisture and discourages weeds.

Harvesting Kidney Bean:
If frost or inclement weather threatens before your beans are fully dry, pull them and allow them to continue drying under shelter. A good method for drying is to hang them upside down from their roots until the seeds rattle in the pods and are very hard. They should be completely dry 10-15 days later. Remove the seeds from the pods by hand, or thresh them by putting them in a bag and applying a heavy weight.

Saving Kidney Bean Seeds:
Thresh the beans by removing them from their pods. Store them in a dry, cool place; for best germination, use them in the next growing season.

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