} Lilac Wonder (Species Tulips) bulbs

Lilac Wonder (Species Tulips) bulbs

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Lilac Wonder Tulip (Tulipa bakeri Bulbs Lilac Wonder) is an unusual and distinctive tulip with gorgeous mauve-pink petals surrounding a soft yellow center. Lilac Wonder Tulip is a long lived, vigorous grower. 6-8" tall. Mid-spring blooming. Soil Type: Sandy Soil, Average Soil, Compost ... Planting Depth: Plant 2-4" deep Zones: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Lilac Wonder tulip

  •  Deer Resistant, Perennial

  • Species (Miniature) Tulips

  • height of 6 Inches. 

  • This variety is famous for its delightful fragrance.

  • Attracts bees and butterflies to your garden.

  • Flowering Time Mid - Late Spring

    Beautiful petite Tulip 'Lilac Wonder'. Prettier than any of the other spring flowers, the lilac-pink and white blooms with their golden centers will announce the season in style. These easy going bulbs are happy to stay where they were planted all year round.
    Excellent for naturalizing and thrives well in a sunny location. Height 4 Inches and blooms end April. We ship Top-Size Bulbs of size 6/8 cm.
    Botanical tulips open early, flower beautifully and have many great characteristics. Botanical tulips have a natural look. They stay nice and close to the ground, and they seem to be in flower as soon as they emerge from the soil. Their bright colors make them real eye-catchers in early spring. The striped leaves of many varieties make these even more appealing. And another important thing: these ‘wild’ tulips won’t be bothered by wind and weather.
    Choose a spot that is mostly sunny or has only light shade. Also make sure that the location has fairly good drainage and does not tend to get waterlogged. Follow the rule of thumb when planting tulips and give the bulbs at least 2 times their height of soil above them. Dig a 6-7 inch hole, drop the bulbs with their top into it and cover with soil. Regarding the spacing between tulip bulbs, if planting in beds, leave approx 5-6 inches between each bulb.
    If you are planting in pots or containers, you can cluster them a little closer together for the best effect. After planting, water thoroughly so that the soil above the bulbs settles. Now sit back and let nature do the job!
    How to take care in spring?
    Once you see the first buds popping from the soil just water them a little when there is no rain for a period of 3-5 days. Keep doing this the whole growing season but make sure the soil doesn't get too wet. Most of the time natures' rain is more than enough in spring.
    How to take care after blooming?
    After flowering pick the green seedpods and cut the stem off as soon as flowering is done but don't cut the foliage until the nutrients they produce have been moved to the bulb and stored there. That moment is there when the leaves are totally yellowish/purple. After you cut the leaves, stop watering so that the bulb can rest. Please note that most tulips are annuals and not perennials. There is a big change they will come back for a year but it all depends on the growing conditions.

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