} Lilium Dark Secret ( 3 BULBS)DARK FLOWERS

Lilium Dark Secret ( 3 BULBS)DARK FLOWERS

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  • Quite a distinctive color which will add drama to the landscape or floral arrangement.
  • The color of the bloom is a deep dark red, almost black. A remarkable Asiatic Lily, that is of course, easy to grow.

Lily Dark Secret is a distinctive deeply coloured Asiatic Lily. A truly 'stand out' lily that will add drama to any garden or floral arrangement. With glossy bright green leaves and bold, black-red petals that possess a satiny shimmer, this lily is truly something special. Can be grown in a border or container and is an ideal cut flower.

A rare and deeply coloured Asiatic Lily, Dark Secret! A truly 'stand out' lily that has proven very popular at the RHS Flower shows we have exhibited at. This Asiatic Lily produces glossy bright green leaves with bold, black-red petals that possess a satiny shimmer adding a touch of drama wherever they are grown.

How to plant Asiatic Lilies

  • Lily Bulbs should be planted as soon as possible. Ideally in the Spring.
  • It is best to check the type of soil you have as different lily varieties like different soil. Asiatic lilies mainly like Alkaline soils.¬†

Planting Asiatic Lilies in the Garden

  • If planting in the garden, Asiatic lilies prefer a well-drained Alkaline soil. If you are unsure of your soil type, it's best to plant your lilies in pots/containers.
  • Arrange the Lilies in an odd-number grouping.
  • Plant the bulbs about 12-20cm (5-8") apart. Space the groupings at least 60-90cm (2-3ft) apart.
  • Plant the bulbs with¬†10-15cm (4-6") of soil above them.

Planting Asiatic Lilies in Pots

  • If planting in pots, find a location with full sun or partial shade.¬†
  • Arrange the Lilies in an odd-number grouping.
  • Plant 3 bulbs in a 10-14" 'patio type' pot using a good-quality, multi-purpose compost
  • John Innes No. 3 is ideal for lilies.
  • Plant the bulbs with 10-15cm (4-6") of soil above them.
  • Ensure there is adequate drainage.

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