} Lincoln Garden Pea Seeds - (SHELLING Peas) will tolerate warmer climat

Lincoln Garden Pea Seeds - (SHELLING Peas) will tolerate warmer climates.

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Lincoln Pea Seeds

Great for freezing, harvesting easily and holding well.

Lincoln Garden Pea Seeds - SHELLING Lincoln ,Heirloom Seeds, also known as Homesteader,will tolerate warmer climates.

High-yielding and tasty, this pea does better than many in warmer weather. The tightly-filled pods ae easy to shell, and compact vines are a good choice for small gardens.
LINCOLN PEA (pisum sativum), also known as Homesteader, is an American heirloom that has survived the test of time because it does well in a variety of climates, is heat tolerant, resists wilt and is easy to shell! Grows 25-48" high (so give it some support) and produces lots of nicely filled out pods with 6-9 round peas.

Before planting peas, you need to make sure the soil is tilled down to a depth of 6 inches. Pea plants do well in loose and airy soil that drains well. If you have more compact, clay-like soil, you can add compost or other organic matter to help with drainage. Peas need 6-8 hours of direct sunlight everyday, so make sure to choose an appropriate location. Pea seeds are best sowed directly in the garden. Seedlings don't transplant well because they don't like it when their root system is disturbed.

Peas grow best in cooler weather. They can be planted early in the spring and late in the summer, depending on your climate. Peas will germinate in about a week if the soil temperature is around 60 degrees F