} Muscari White Magic,'Grape Hyacinth, fall bulbs

Muscari White Magic,'Grape Hyacinth, fall bulbs

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Great for Garden beds, borders and rockeries

Even traditionalists who adore the blue of standard grape hyacinths won’t grumble when they see the entrancing carpet of white blooms you’ll get from Muscari aucheri 'White Magic', a 2008 introduction that has won its justified place as a firm favourite. A magical setting for other spring flowers, they’re also magnificent when planted in snowy drifts all by themselves. They make excellent container plants when grouped closely together, and of course, they’re the perfect foil for your blue grape hyacinths too. Like other grape hyacinths, Muscari aucheri 'White Magic' looks delicate, but isn’t in the least bit fussy, often settling in as a perennial.