} ORDONO Pepper Seeds (Capsicum annuum ) Ornamental , Edible

ORDONO Pepper Seeds (Capsicum annuum ) Ornamental , Edible

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Capsicum annuum.  A stunning ornamental chile from Batopilas Canyon, Chihuahua, Mexico. The small upright fruit mature from purple through yellow, orange, and finally red. Heat and drought tolerant and extremely productive. Good for container gardening. A staff favorite and top seller!  From our Seed-Bank Collection.

  • Origin: High desert but can perform in low desert as well.
  • Hot and edible. 
  • 0.5" long. 
  • Approx. 0.1g/25 seeds per packet.
  • Organic
  • Colorful fruits grow to 1-2 inches
  • Plants grow to 12 inches
  • Medium hot pepper
  • 60-75 days from transplant

(Capsicum annuum) Stunning 1½" long fruits borne on foot-high ornamental plants, perfect for container growing. Fruits ripen from lavender to deep purple to orange and finally to red. 60–75 days from transplant. MEDIUM HOT

85 days. Capsicum annuum. Plant produces good yields of 1 ½" long by ¾" wide hot peppers. Peppers grow upright, are very hot, and turn from green, to lavender, to orange, to red when mature. Plant has green stems, green leaves, and white flowers. This beautiful plant will brighten up your garden. Excellent for making colorful vinegars and pickles. An ornamental variety suitable for containers.

Fruit Ripens: Cream, Purple, Golden, Orange, Red: 60 days
Plant produces good yields of small ¾" long by ½" wide hot peppers. Peppers are very hot and turn from purple, to cream-yellow, to orange, to red when mature. Plant has green stems with purple tint, green leaves with purple tint, and purple flowers. A beautiful ornamental pepper plant with all color stages on the plant at the same time. The peppers are edible. A variety from Bolivia. Plant Height: 36" tall.
60 days

Space plants 12-18 inches apart, in rows 3 feet apart, or in a 3 gallon pot for an indoor house plant. Also makes a great back drop for other annuals or use a border or divider in grader areas. Very pungent! Eatable; Ornamental - C.annuum

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