} Peanut, Spanish Peanuts . Untreated Seeds ,Heirloom Organically Grown

Peanut, Spanish Peanuts . Untreated Seeds ,Heirloom Organically Grown and Hand Harvest ! Bulk

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Peanut, Spanish ,organic seeds.
Approximately 50 Seeds Per oz
100 days. Arachis hypogaea. Plant produces high yields of large plump peanuts. Delicious when roasted. High in protein. Try making your own homemade peanut butter. This is the same peanut sold in supermarkets. Kids love to grow them! Perfect for kids school projects!
When the plants are about 1 foot tall, hill the earth around the base of each plant. Long, pointed pegs (also called peduncles) grow from faded flowers and then push 1 to 3 inches down into the soil beside the plant. A peanut will form on the end of each peg. Lay down a light mulch, such as straw or grass clippings, to prevent the soil surface from crusting so that the pegs will have no difficulty penetrating the soil.

One inch of water a week is plenty for peanuts. Being legumes, peanuts supply their own nitrogen, so avoid nitrogen-rich fertilizers, which encourage foliage rather than fruits. Well-prepared soil will provide all the nutrients the plants need.

Peanuts are usually problem free.

The crop is ready to harvest when leaves turn yellow and the peanuts’ inner shells have gold-marked veins, which you can check periodically by pulling out a few nuts from the soil and shelling them. If you wait too long, the pegs will become brittle, and the pods will break off in the ground, making harvesting more difficult. Pull or dig the plants and roots when the soil is moist. Shake off the excess soil, and let plants dry in an airy place until the leaves become crumbly; then remove the pods. Unshelled peanuts, stored in airtight containers, can keep for up to a year.
Sun: Full Sun
Spread: 8 inches
Height: 10-12 inches
Days to Maturity: 100 days
Sowing Method: Direct Sow

Materials: garden,vegetable,Peanut Seeds,Untreated Seeds,Heirloom Organically Grown,Heirloom,Peanut,Spanish

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