} Pineapple Lily Tugela Gem, Bulbs,TROPICAL FLOWERS

Pineapple Lily Tugela Gem, Bulbs,TROPICAL FLOWERS

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Fragrant South African native, is a must have for every garden and patio! Tropical, fleshy leaves with flower spikes that appear to be miniature "pineapples" at the top of each stem. Flowers begin opening from the bottom up and have a perfect star shap to them.

Bronze leaf with pink to dark maroon flower spikes, plant 1 bulb per 6" container.

  • Pink to dark maroon flower spikes
  • Flowers open from the bottom up
  • Bronze leaves

Eucomis 'Tugela Gem' is a hybrid from New Zealand pineapple lily breeder, Eddie Welsh. Eucomis 'Tugela Gem' forms a rosette of rippled-edged, fleshy, green leaves, topped in July (NC) with 28" tall spikes, composed of lovely rosy pink flowers. After the flowers age, the developing seed pods turn a striking dark purple...quite unusual and very attractive.
An unusual flower and great for that something different in the garden. Zone 7-11, colder with winter mulch. 24 Inches. August/September Flowering.
Hardy to USDA Zone 6 to 7 with an insulating mulch or lift bulbs to store in a frost-free location. (We have bulbs against our house, Zone 7/8, in a slightly raised bed, protected from our winter rainfall of 50+ inches.) Sent to you bare root, plant our large, heavy bulbs after danger of deep frost is past and soil begins to warm (e.g. May in Seattle), spacing 6 to 10 inches apart, covered with 4 inches of fluffy, amended soil. If desired, light mulch after top growth begins.

Bulbs are all large size that either flowered this past summer or are expected to bloom when transplanted back into the garden. Flowering stems begin very tiny and continue to expand throughout summer. Eucomis are long-lived and although they prefer to be left undisturbed, offsets can be detached from the mother bulb in fall, taking an additional two years before the babies flower. Bulbs are guaranteed true-to-name, not for failure to bloom first summer, loss due to overwatering or over wintering.