} Ping Tung LONG EGGPLANT SEEDS Asian Vegetable

Ping Tung LONG EGGPLANT SEEDS Asian Vegetable

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Ping-Tung Long 12-18” fruit ,Don't need to be peeled

Easy-to-grow Asian eggplants are long and slender with tender magenta skin. This variety can yield up to 20 fruits per plant and are vigorous and stress-tolerant. Slim fruits average 1-2” wide; plants should be staked for straight fruit. Very tender skin does not need to be peeled. Productive • 12-18” fruit. (Solanum melongena)
This is a prolific Taiwan variety that produces 12-16" long, glossy, purple-red fruit with a green calyx. The erect plants are very sturdy, vigorous, and resistant to bacterial wilt and can bear as many as 20 fruits each. This variety is tolerant of heat and moisture.
  • Warm season annual
  • Maturity: Approx. 75 days
  • Planting season: Late spring/summer
  • Cultivation: Start seeds inside 6 weeks before last frost date (or 8 weeks before expected transplanting date). Keep soil warm until emergence. Seeds will not germinate in cool soil and planting out too early may affect plant vigor. Harden off plants carefully before transplanting. Prepare fertile, well-drained soil. Plant in late spring/ summer (when soil temperatures at least 60°F) in a very warm and sunny location. Eggplants are heavy feeders so use a balanced fertilizer. Too much nitrogen will produce lush foliage and few fruits.