} Taiwan Sword Leaf, lettuce SEEEDS. ASIAN VEGETABLE

Taiwan Sword Leaf, lettuce SEEEDS. ASIAN VEGETABLE

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Sword Leaf lettuce is also know as Pointed Leaf lettuce and Oriental lettuce. In Taiwan it is referred to as "a choy" and is very popular as a vegetable green. The lettuce has long pointed bright green leaves.

Harvest at an early stage when approximately 10" tall and stems are young and crispy. An excellent choice for home gardeners. Use in salad, soup and stir-fries. Sword Leaf lettuce is popularly used in Cantonese cuisine

24000-28000 Seeds per Oz.
This variety has long pointed green leaves, which are very popular in stir-fry cooking in Taiwan and Southern China. Young leaves and stems are very crispy and tender with a unique flavor. Plants grow very fast and can be harvested at any stage. Good for home gardening.
Asian names for this vegetable...
China: gie chia wo tsai, wo tsai, a choy, a tsai, youmaicai, yu mai tsai
India: salad
Indonesia: selada
Japan: chisa, retasu
Malaysia: daun selada
Philippines: letsugas
Sri Lanka: salada
Thailand: phak gadhom, phak salat
New Yu Mai
Lactuca sativa
Cool season annual
This special Taiwan lettuce variety has long, bright green sword-shaped leaves that have a delicious, mildly bitter flavor. Both commercial growers and home gardeners will find this an easy to grow,
disease resistant and productive plant.
Maturity: Approx. 50-60 days
Planting season: Late spring , Late summer or Fall
Cultivation: Prepare fertile, well-drained soil. In cool areas sow seeds in spring/early summer after last frost in a sunny location.sow in spring and fall. In tropical areas, sow all year round. Keep soil moist. Fertilize as needed. Harvest when approximately 10" tall.
Germination: 90%