} Purple Tomatillo Seeds - Physalis ixocarpa - Open Pollinated ,Annual V

Purple Tomatillo Seeds - Physalis ixocarpa - Open Pollinated ,Annual Vegetable

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Tomatillo, Purple - Physalis ixocarpa

The tomatillo, also known as the Mexican husk tomato
This prized traditional strain yields plump, 2 inches diameter fruits that ripen to a rich purple where the husk splits and exposes the skin to light. Delicious raw or stewed, tomatillos are the main ingredient in salsa verde. The purple skin turns green when cooked. can also be grown as a beautiful ornamental.

Annual Heirloom. Rare variety, smaller 1" fruit has sweeter flavor than green tomatillo. Makes attractive purple salsa. Easy to grow, less sticky.

Soil & Water: Tomatillos love fertile soil rich in organic matter. Add plenty of compost prior to planting. Soil pH is preferred between 5.5-7.0. Soak the soil 4-6" deep at 7-day intervals. Mulch to preserve moisture. Avoid wetting the foliage when watering.
Planting & Growing: Sow seeds in flats 6-8 weeks before the last frost and thin to 2" apart after the first true leaves appear. Before transplanting after the last frost, harden off the plants by placing them outdoors for a few hours to start, increasing the amount of time each day until they are accustomed to a full day of sunlight. Once transplanted, provide full sun, except in hot climates where some afternoon shade is recommended.
Harvesting & Storage: Harvest individual fruits when the husk begins to split or the fruit fills out the husk.
Did You Know? Grow tomatillos like you would tomatoes, though they do not require staking and are more resistant to pests and diseases. They are the main ingredient in salsa verde and other Mexican dishes.
Soil Temperature: 70-80F
Planting Depth: 1/4"
Germination: 7-14 Days
Height At Maturity: 3'-4'
Days To Maturity: 68 -70 Days
Sun/Shade: Full Sun
Spacing After Thinning: 30"

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