} HIBISCUS Rose of Sharon (STARTER PLANT) Perennial SHRUB


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Hibiscus, (Hibiscus syriacus ) Seeds Perennial ! USDA Zones: 5 - 10
Rose of Sharon Hibiscus syriacus, A good hedge, reaching 6-12 ft., that is loaded with flowers in late summer and fall. Needs moist, but well drained soil and can grow in full sun or partial shade in zones 4-9. Plants should be pruned back heavily in winter. Space plants 2-3 ft.apart.
It is widely planted in areas with hot summers for its very attractive white, pink, red, lavender, or purple edible flowers. Individual flowers are short lived, lasting only a day. However, numerous flower buds are produced on the shrub's new growth, which provide prolific flowering over a long summer blooming period. Shoots make interesting indoor vase cuttings as they stay green for a long time. Some new flowers may open from the more mature flower buds. The species has naturalized very well in many suburban areas.