} Royal Empress Seeds ,Tropical tree

Royal Empress Seeds ,Tropical tree

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Paulownia tomentosa (also known as the Empress Tree, Princess Tree or Foxglove Tree. seeds The fastest Growing tree.

Paulownia tomentosa, also known as Royal Paulownia, Foxglove tree, China Princess tree, or Empress tree, is a medium sized deciduous tree that may reach 30-60 feet in height. It is found in 25 states in the eastern U.S., from Maine to Texas. Princess tree is an aggressive ornamental tree that grows rapidly in disturbed natural areas.

Product Description
The Royal Empress Paulownia Tomentosa Tree is the fastest growing tree in America. Hands down it has the most floral smelling blossoms in early spring of any trees period. Hanging in lareg lavender clusters of bell shaped blossoms, the Empress tree is a sure favorite. You can smell them when getting nearby. The fragrance is that of the fine smelling Joy perfume.

This tree is also used form making expenvie european shoe soles from. Its a super super fast growing tree and it can grow up to 25 feet per year. Not only does the royal empress tree smell wonderful, it's appearance is beautiful also. With it's glorious blossoms and cluster of lilac bloom draping from its branches but the overall shade tree appearance.
Hardy in zones 3-10 and these trees are native so they are not difficult to grow or maintain. Plant in wide open spaces because your in for a surprise when you see their ability to get full grow in 3 growing seasons.
Mix one part sand to three parts topsoil, mixing the amount necessary to fill the number of containers you have available for your empress tree seeds.
Fill all containers so the soil mixture is even with the tops of the containers, and then fill a spray bottle with water. Saturate the soil mix of each container.
Sprinkle two to three empress seeds on top of the soil in each container, and use your thumb to gently tamp the soil until firm but not compacted. The soil should feel solid yet slightly springy when pressing. Don't cover the seeds with soil.
Set seeded containers in a room-temperature location and in direct sunlight, and keep the top layer of the soil damp by using your spray bottle daily.
Thin the empress plants down to one plant in each container once the first leaves have formed, preserving the most vigorous plant. Continue watering and providing sunlight until the plants are 6 inches tall, and then transplant outdoors to the desired locations any time after the last frost in the spring.