} Snapdragon Seeds - Montego Rose -Bloom all Summer, Perennial !

Snapdragon Seeds - Montego Rose -Bloom all Summer, Perennial !

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Montego Rose Snapdragon Flower Seeds
Antirrhinum majus

Montego varieties combine ease of production and early flowering with excellent outdoor performance. Although a week earlier to flower, they do not phase out earlier in the garden, which was nicely proven in our trial gardens. Plants are uniform in height across the series. Height: 8-10", 6-8" spread..
Flowers about 5-7 days earlier than other dwarf snaps. Base branching, sturdy plants provide excellent garden performance during hot weather conditions.
Full sun. 8 inches. The Montego Series of dwarf snapdragons are flower making machines. This variety has a very compact growth habit, side branches heavily and is early flowering. It is also one of the best bedding snaps for hot weather flowering. Deadheading spent flowers will encourage continued blooming during the long hot days of summer, when bedding snaps tend to falter in flower production. Blossom production will pick up as the days shorten and the weather cools.
Snapdragon plants can tolerate a light frost, so they can be set out as early as the ground can be worked. For the earliest blooms, sow Snapdragon seeds indoors 6 - 8 weeks before setting the plants out. Use quality starter mix and sow the Snapdragon flower seeds on the surface of the pre-moistened mix and gently press the seed in. Harden off the Snapdragon seedlings for 10 - 14 days before planting outdoors. Pinch back at the time of transplanting to encourage branching. For areas with mild winters, sow Snapdragon flower seeds outdoors in a sheltered seed bed in late summer. Transplant the young Snapdragon plants into their permanent location for blooms in winter and spring.
Snapdragons should be grown in rich, well-drained soil. Adding organic matter is very beneficial to the Snapdragon plants. Grow them in full sun, and space this tall variety 12 - 18 inches apart. Snapdragon care includes trimming the plants back after they are done blooming to promote a second flush of blooms. Snapdragons perform best in cooler summer climates. In hot regions, provide Snapdragon plants with some afternoon shade

Flower Specifications
Season: Annual
USDA Zones: 3 - 9
Height: 36 inches
Bloom Season: Mid-spring to fall
Bloom Color: Scarlet Giant'
Environment: Full sun
Soil Type: Rich, moist, well-drained, pH 6.0 - 7.3
Deer Resistant: Yes
Planting Directions
Temperature: 64 - 72F
Average Germ Time: 10 - 21 days
Light Required: Yes
Depth: Do not cover the seed but press into the soil
Sowing Rate: 4 seeds per plant
Moisture: Keep seeds moist until germination
Plant Spacing: 12 - 18 inches

Materials: winter and spring,permanent location,Grow them,plants can tolerate a light fros,welldrained soil

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